A unique location blending culture, heritage, nature and terroir...

La Maison du Fort de Fontain lies at the gateway to the Jura mountains in the Besançon-Ornans-Arc-et-Senans triangle, home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A great opportunity to discover the historical and natural heritage, sample some adventure and enjoy the gastronomy of the Franche-Comté region. 

 Heritage and Culture: 

Soak up Besançon’s charm as you stroll through its historic centre, gazing up at the astonishing bluish hue of its stones, taking a walk along the Promenade Micaud through the Chamars and Gare d'eau parks, completing the peaceful loop via the docks.

Walk along the parapets of the UNESCO listed Citadel and discover its miles of ramparts, demi-bastions, curtain walls and lookout towers, and admire the city and its seven hills! Within the Citadel, explore the Franche-Comté Museum and the Natural History Museum.

Visit the improved and expanded Museum of Art and Archaeology, enriched with artefacts from every era, from prehistory to modern art, the Museum of Time in the heart of the prestigious Palais Granvelle, which demonstrates how the history of time measurement is an integral part of the city's history. Appreciate the watchmaking of the Jura region, now listed as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

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Twenty minutes away, Ornans the birthplace of Gustave Courbet and the beautiful Museum dedicated to him, plus the Valley and Gorges of the Loue, internationally renowned for fly fishing. 

Ornans le Musée Courbet

Twenty-five minutes away, the Arc-et-Senans Royal Saltworks, the masterpiece of Claude -Nicolas Ledoux, a unique testimony to the industrial architecture of the Ancien Régime.

A second semi-circle is currently being created, consisting of gardens divided into four triptychs, to transform the Saltworks into one huge circle! 

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The Museum of Franche-Comté Houses 10 minutes away in Nancray, a place for strolling, contemplation, curiosity and discovery offering a mixture of history, activities, exhibitions and outdoor events. 

Maison comtoise



Nature and adventure

Perched on the ridge with splendid views overlooking the hills of Besançon on one side and the foothills of the Jura mountains on the other, the Maison du Fort de Fontain is the perfect base for walking and hiking, for all tastes and ages. André will give you a tour of the fort and Marie-Anne will show you the hiking and mountain biking trails that start from the Maison du Fort or further away.

The Maison du Fort de Fontain is 70 minutes' walk from Besançon via the footpaths, the ridge path and the Chapelle des Buis, crossing the Via Francigena: in an hour, you can be at the foot of the Citadel, then at the Porte Noire and in the La Boucle district! 

 Matin de pentecote à la Maison du Fort de Fontain

The Fort de Fontain: Land of Trails 

The Fort de Fontain is part of the Trail des Forts in Besançon, the longest trail run in the East of France.

This unusual race harmoniously combines nature and heritage, offering technical routes and historic stopovers at the many fortifications that are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Located on the longest, 57 km route, once a year runners pass through the Fort de Fontain and can refuel at the feeding station situated during each Trail des Forts in the courtyard of the Maison du Fort de Fontain.

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The Jura mountains are a hotspot for fishing. From the Doubs to the Loue, via the Dessoubre and the Cusancin, the diversity of environments helps to protect the fish native to the area. Perched on a ridge overlooking the Doubs and Loue valleys, the Maison du Fort de Fontain is only a few kilometres from the Doubs and Loue rivers.

Committed by a Charter, the Maison du Fort de Fontain has been awarded the Relais Saint-Pierre Label from Doubs Tourism. Its three 4-star gîtes are recognised as fishing accommodation, where fishing enthusiasts are guaranteed a welcome. Amateur or experienced anglers will find a storeroom for their equipment, a minor repair kit and all the information they need on the condition of the rivers or how to obtain a fishing permit.



Cycle touring 

The “Doubs Cycle Route”, 10 minutes from the Maison du Fort de Fontain, runs alongside the Doubs river and on the towpath of the Rhone–Rhine Canal, a magnificent route, a large part of which is classified as Voie Verte (green route). The beautiful, very varied countryside has linear sections along the canal alternating with those following the Doubs, a wide river with a strong current and more open vistas. The route goes through the heart of Besançon, via a tunnel along the canal.

Véloroute du Doubs


A huge variety of sports activities

A wide variety of sports and leisure activities are on offer near the house or less than 15 minutes away: Besançon Golf course, tennis in Fontain (lessons and matches organised by André), La Vèze aerodrome, cycling, mountain biking and horse riding, canoeing and kayaking, skiing, and much more. Plus on site, pétanque, table tennis, football, molkky and children's games.


Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing can be enjoyed 40 minutes away: sometimes there is enough snow to go snowshoeing in the nearby woods.

ski de fond

Downhill skiing, sledging, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing can be practised in Métabief, an hour away. 


Leisure activities 

Visit the Dino-Zoo , 20 minutes from the Maison du Fort de Fontain!  Immerse yourself in the history of the evolution of the world, experience the thrill and excitement of discovering these extraordinary creatures and get a glimpse of what life was like on our planet several million years ago.

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A few kilometres away, the Poudrey Chasm opens up a whole imaginary world. As you explore the caves, you will experience a deep sense of the fantastical, reminiscent of Jules Verne's “journey to the centre of the earth”.


Delicious local produce!

You can sample Franche-Comté specialities in the village, some of which are made in Fontain

photo eglise


The Fruitière de Comté de Fontain, the only cheesemaker in the Grand Besançon Metropole AOC* Zone, highly renowned for the quality of its Comté cheese, offers many local products from the Franche-Comté region. 

*AOC: registered designation of origin

Fruitière de Fontain


The Biscuiterie Cornu makes flutes and other savoury and sweet biscuits that are exported from Fontain all over the world: a guided tour is organised every Tuesday by Besançon Tourist Office or on request; minimum 10 people.



At the Ferme du bout du bois, Roland Bulloz prepares cooked or smoked ham on the bone, terrines, rillettes and smoked sausages.

José, at the village grocery, makes pizzas on Friday evenings, and offers a dish of the day every day except Sunday, plus pastries and bread, delivered daily or in the store.  

At the Poirelet cellars, Christian Chouffot offers wines from the Jura and other regions to try and to drink with your Fontain produce and other Franche-Comté specialities.




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